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There are many reasons why people stay in jobs they don’t like. Whether it’s because the thought of change terrifies them or losing the financial and routine stability they’ve come to rely on is a motivating factor, most of us have felt trapped career wise – 70% of us in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll. Maybe dealing with less-than-ideal coworkers, terrible bosses, and an uninspiring environment is easier than holding ourselves accountable for our own futures. But is it healthy? Here are four sure signs that it is time for a career change.


That one little word can have huge consequences when it comes to your job performance. When your heart is no longer in your work, and you have checked-out emotionally and physically, it can affect not only you, but those around you, not to mention the company’s bottom line. When you no longer care about how you are contributing at work, your self-esteem can take a hit.

Energy Depletion

Lack of sleep and motivation from job-induced stress can make your horrible job even more miserable. You are more likely to be irritable and short-tempered with your coworkers, clients, boss, and even your family and friends. A lack of energy and helplessness can even trigger bad eating and drinking habits.


Are you tired of hearing how fantastic your friends’ careers are? They have great bosses, the projects they get to work on are innovative, or the work they are doing for a non-profit is so rewarding. The ugly green monster can make you start to resent your friends, as well as yourself.

If you experience any of these signs, it’s time to think seriously about a career change. Whether you go back to school and work towards a different degree or get on the job training. If you’ve ever thought about a career that’s rewarding and helps others, you may want to consider a curriculum that focuses on health and wellness fields. LHAA provides professional development and training programs in massage therapypersonal fitness training, and yoga teacher training.

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