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You’re starting a new job, and you have a bad case of the first day jitters: Heart is racing. Shoulders are tight. Eyes are on the floor in front of you. Mind worrying that no one will like you. Thoughts coursing that maybe you’re not the right hire. Breaking out of the box and starting a new job is enough to give anyone an anxiety attack. Here are 4 Dos and Don’ts to help you tackle those doubts so you can get up to speed and start being the valuable team member that you are.

Don’t compare yourself to your new coworkers

Of course your new workmates will know more than you – they’ve been working there longer. But just remember, they all had a first day too. So don’t get caught by the temptation to compare yourself to others. It’s not productive, and it can ultimately make you feel even worse about yourself. Instead, focus on your strengths, professional development, and what you bring to the table. After all, you were hired for a reason.

Do seek out a mentor

Sometimes we all need a little professional guidance and extra support, and a workplace mentor can help you not only navigate the political and cultural nuances of a new work environment, but also share their expertise and advice, or just provide a seasoned ear when you want to talk about challenges or issues.

Don’t pretend to have all the answers

No one expects the new hire to have all the answers. So don’t pretend that you do. Take the opportunity as the ‘newbie’ to listen and learn. It’s OK to admit that you don’t know something, and even if you do know it, you might end up learning a new way to do it.

Do take advantage of training and continuing education

No matter your field, always continue to broaden your skills and refine your craft when you have the opportunity. Whether it’s specialized training, licensing requirements, or just learning new skills, continuing education and training can increase your marketability, in your new job or a future career.

LHAA offers a variety of personal development workshops, and three core wellness training programs, including massage therapypersonal fitness training, and yoga teacher training. We also offer continuing education workshopsthroughout the year. Explore an overview of our academic programs here.

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